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About Us

Established in 1989 by Shri Om Prakash Rajgarhia, Industrial Glass Insulation (IGI Cable) started out as a company that mainly made fibre glass cables. Resources at the time were limited and with machines purchased at scrap value, the partners doubled up as the repairmen as well as workers of the firm.

By 1992, we successfully developed and started manufacturing Uninyvin or Nyvin Cables. This type of cable was not a well-known product then and thus years were spent developing customers in industries where this cable was the most suitable. Over the years, our efforts reaped rewards and the growing popularity of Nyvin Cable meant that we became the primary cable manufacturers and an industry standard for cables for the UPS Industry.

In 2001, we set up a subsidiary by the name of Suraj Electricals with an objective to manufacture electrical insulation materials. We successfully developed products like fiberglass and polyester woven tapes, tadpole tapes, silicone rubber extruded fiberglass sleeves, liquid silicone rubber coated sleeves and polyurethane sleeves. Suraj Electricals also manufacture insulation kits for the Induction Motor Industry.

In 2015, we invested our resources in setting up a Silicone Rubber Cable facility which is now growing rapidly and has become amongst the largest in India.

We remember our roots and the sacrifices that were made to get here. We are proud of them. It is with this understanding, value systems and ethos that we forge ahead in the manufacturing of cables.


For any product that we manufacture, it is our mission to make them at a quality and cost that rival the world so that we can make a small contribution towards making India self-sufficient.


It is our vision to build a company that is recognized as:

  • A supplier of choice
  • An employer of choice
  • An investment of choice
  • A company that enriches & adds value to the communities where we do business